Short News from Best Carnivorous Plants Store

  • 10.07.2015 - We are continuing with shipping now. If you need a registration number for your parcel - just write us.

    If the temperatures will going to heat - around 30°C, we stop the shipping, as it is not safe for living plants: check weekly forecast.

    We continue with packaging and shipping of all next and incoming orders immediately as weather permits.

    Please note: Availability of plants is falling so fast. After that first wave, some of species will disappear from the offer. :-(
  • 07.06.2015 - The shop is fully open! Thank you for your patience!
  • 01.06.2015 - BestCarnivorousPlants is always looking for any carnivorous plants or seeds for trade. Do you have any surplus you like to share with us? Just offer. Check what we are offering for your generosity!!!