Short News from Best Carnivorous Plants Store

  • 24.05.2015 - The shop will be fully open on the beginning of June! Thank you for your patience!
  • 25.02.2015 - New early spring BCP offers:

    Temperate Pinguicula & Drosera and Temperate Aquatic CP!
    There is a many of very interesting and rare species on the list!

    Gemmae of pygmy Drosera. Great chance at the begining of growing season.

    Living Red Sphagnum Moss, special price!

    Just now is the best time to get some temperate CP as hibernacula or turions if you wish to have them in your collection. This offer is valid to end of April.
  • 25.02.2015 - IMPORTANT: Selling of living plants is now closed from 15th. November 2014 due a winter break. We will start to ship plants on May 2015. You can look forward to hundreds of carnivorous plants just ready for your collection.

    The seeds, gemmae, hibernacula and turions are sending continuously during winter without any break. We are preparing a new offer now.
  • 08.06.2012 - BestCarnivorousPlants is always looking for new carnivorous plants or seeds. Do you have something attractive for trade or sell? Just offer. ;-)