Offer for you

Do you want to grow carnivorous plants and get them for free? We have an offer for you!

We look for people to assist us with the following:
- exchanging carnivorous and other exotic plants or providing local seeds, mainly of South American, African, Asian and Australian species;
- translating text into German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, or into another language;
- proofreading and correcting of our English text or text in another language;
- writing and/or editing text for our website (instructions for growing, descriptions of plants and genus, etc.)
- communication with our customers and partners (e-mail, chat, internet discussions) or answering questions from amateur growers;
- growing, propagating and keeping rare species at home, to provide a reserve source of plants and seeds.
- crossbreeding of interesting plants for selection of new cultivars
- providing quality photographs of plants either in their natural environment or in culture to use on our websites and in our books;
- web-hosting for our websites, consultation, programming and graphic design;
- providing local guidance to natural carnivorous plant populations mainly in South America, South Africa, Indonesia and Australia.
If you are interested in assisting us and enjoy growing carnivorous plants, please contact us. In exchange for your work, you can choose plants from our list and will have access to plants and seeds from our special collection.  In some cases we can pay you. If you have a different idea of how to compensate you, please let us know.